Our Services

Grades 1-8 and High School Math, Science, Social Studies, History & Language Arts

Adults: HESI, GRE, ASVAB, College Courses

Individual Tutoring or
Group Tutoring (2-3 students) 

• 4 hour program (one hour per week) 
• 8 hour program (two hours per week) 
• 12 hour program (three hours per week) 

 Individual Tutoring:
In today's large classrooms, students who
are struggling or who are quiet can get
lost in the crowd. In a tutoring session
with just the student and the tutor, a
student may open up and ask questions
that they wouldn't have during formal
class time.

Group Tutoring:
When a tutor holds sessions with two to
three students, they can help each other;
thus creating an environment where
success can breed success. As one child
progresses, the others are more
motivated to do so. It is also beneficial
for students to know that there are
others that need similar help.

SAT/ACT prep 

SAT Student Mentoring Services:
At Simon Studies, we understand that there may be many obstacles outside of the SAT exam that may arise with a student looking to enter the college of his or her choice. We seek to help our students tackle those obstacles. When a student signs up for SAT prep tutoring. They will also be assigned a mentor that will be available for to answer questions, help with college applications, and remain a contact
throughout their college career. 

Simon Studies offers SAT test prep session in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro area. We
currently conduct “1 on 1” sessions during the school year and expand to classroom sessions during the
summer months. Our packages are listed below. Choose which package best fits your needs and
contact us to schedule your SAT session today. 

GED and Praxis 1 prep 

Simon Studies offers GED and Praxis 1 test prep session in thePrince Georges County , MD metro area. We currently conduct 1 on 1 sessions during the traditional school year and expand to classroom sessions during the summer months. 

​ All packages include:

Diagnostic testing
Homework Assignments
Customized learning plans
Qualified and experienced tutor
Impactful Instruction/feedback/test taking strategies